Italy 2014

10/7 Bike Trip Day 7…Deruta

Posted on: October 7th, 2014 by


There is so much majolica in Deruta that we decided to stay another day in Deruta. I spent the morning watching Agostino Veschini trimming and putting handles on some gigantic vase forms. He had thrown these two days ago. He trimmed 6 of them in two hours along with doing business on the phone. He does not glaze, he just throws and fires it once. He had three decorators put in orders and pick up orders while I was there. Marino uses Agostino to throw some of is bowls. Marino once had Agostino throw 24 really large vase forms and he altered the forms in Agostino's studio.
This afternoon we found another studio with an ancient kiln, we found an amazing majolica painter patrizio chiucciu, and stumbled on a contemporary ceramic museum when we took our afternoon bike ride.