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I will be talking about my ceramic and biking adventures in Italy at Gear West Women's-wild-adventures on Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:30pm. Learn more

Leaving can see it in the background.

Leaving can see it in the background.

First Thursday Open Studio, December 3rd from 5-9pm

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It is December, but with the warm temperatures, I am still out there biking. I WANTED the predicted 10 inches on Monday so that I could start cross country skiing on real snow. As you can see from the photo the 10 inches turned into a meager 1.5 inches of snow on the ground.
This month I have continued working from the sketches I drew during the To Kill a Mockingbird at the Guthrie Theater. I have created small books of sketches to go with my pottery for To Kill a Mockingbird, Music Man and Into Woods. Here is one of my bowls and one of the mini sketchbooks that goes with the bowl. Come check out my new pottery and the new mini-sketchbooks that go with the theater pottery. The studio is open on Thursday, December 3rd from 5-9pm.


Come see my new bowls and mini-sketchbooks at clay@3 during the following times:
Thursday, December 3 from 5-9pm
Saturday, December 12 and 19 from 12-4pm
Or email for a special showing.


The Guthrie is selling my Music Man pottery, so take a look in the gift shop when you are at the Guthrie.

Hope to see you soon,
Kathy Mommsen
Kathy Mommsen Ceramics / Northrup King Building, Dock 3 / 1500 Jackson Street NE
clay@3 / / 952-378-7046 /

Here is a list of my workshops and other open studio times.

Glaze Workshops, Saturday from 1-3:30pm
December 14 and January 9 and February 13
Learn a new glazing technique each month at Clay@3. We will go over wax resist, majolica mishima, black majolica, large brush stroke and more each month. You will learn how to transfer a drawing or design and learn the brushwork to make the tile come to life. Finished tiles will be ready in one month $40
Your Group Glaze Workshop
Your get the group and I will have the clay tiles ready for glazing.
3 hour workshop is $45 per person (Glaze 1 tile)
6 hour workshop is $80 per person (Glaze 2 tiles)
1st Thursday, 5-9pm
December 3 and January 7 and February 4

Saturdays, 12-4pm
December 12, 19

Art Attack at Northrup King Building November

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This month I have been working  from the sketches I drew during the plays The Music Man and To Kill a Mockingbird at the Guthrie Theater. This is the blind contour sketch of the Harry Hill dancing from The Music Man.  I am using the same sketches and experimenting with different  forms and decorating techniques. The first vase is derived from one of Marino Moretti's vase forms with an emphasis on the thick top rim.  The recessed black line from the black maiolica emphasizes Harry's motion.  The second vase is the same image  and the vase is a combination of two altered forms to create a figurative shape.  During the production of The Music Man the  conductor was directing the play from a hole in the stage.  You could only see him from the waist  up.  I was intrigued with the director's position and did several sketches and you will see these on the bottom of the second vase.

Come see my new vases, bowls and tiles at clay@3 during the following times:

Thursday, November 5 from 5-9pm

Friday, November 6 from 5-10pm

Saturday, November 7 from 12-8pm

Sunday, November 8 from 12-5pm

Cuban O! Art Exhibit at NKB

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This is Cuban Artist Ciro Quintana. There is a wonderful contemporary Cuban Art Show on the 3rd floor of the Northrup King Building. The show is today until 4pm and tomorrow, Sunday October 4th from noon to 4pm. I will be in my clay@3 studio until 4. Hope you can come and join me and also see come Cuban Art.


1st Thursday Open Studio, October 1 from 5-9pm

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This month I have been working  from my sketches I drew during the play Into the Woods  at the Ritz Theater. This is the blind contour sketch of the wicked witch  out of my  Moleskine skechbook. The vase shape derives from a series of figurative vases from Marino Moretti.  I am using the same sketches and experimenting with different decorating techniques. The first vases is using a wax resist white majolica technique to show the texture of the trees behind the witch.  The second vase is the same image and emphasizing the outline of the witch with my black majolica technique.    In both vases I am emphasizing the foot of the vase with the witches feet and using the rim to show the leaves above the trees.

Come see my new vases and tiles on Thursday, October 1 from 5-9pm at clay@3 in the Northrup King Building.  More information below.IMG_6864 IMG_6852 IMG_6849

First Thursday, September 3 from 5-9

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Come see my new piece taken from my sketches during the play Into the Woods  at the Ritz Theater. Clay@3 will be opened on  September 3rd from 5-9pm, but I will really be Into the Woods.  I will be canoeing in the BWCA.

I will be returning for a glaze workshop on Wednesday, September 9th from 4:30-7pm.  You will create two majolica tiles in the workshop and they will be ready to take home the next month.  Check out my website for more information.  Sign-up two days before the workshop.

Glaze Workshops at clay@3, from 4:30-7pm....Wednesday September 9th.

Glaze Workshop at clay@3, from 1-4pm...........Saturday, October 3rd

Clay@3 is also open on Second Saturdays from 12 to 4pm.

September 12

Kathy Mommsenintothewoodswitch

2015-16 Art-A-Whirl and Art Attack

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2016 Dates and Hours:
Friday, May 20th -  5:00-10:00 p.m.
Saturday,  May 21th -  Noon-8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 22th -   Noon-5:00 p.m.


Art Attack

2015 Dates and Hours:
Friday, Nov. 4th -  5:00-10:00 p.m.
Saturday,  Nov. 5h -  Noon-8:00 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 6th -   Noon-5:00 p.m.

First Thursdays in the Arts District

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first-thursday-200Join us at clay@3 from 5-9 pm  each First Thursday in the Arts District.

Along with our ceramic work you will find a  multitude of painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, textile and fiber artists, jewelers, furniture showrooms, other ceramists with open studios at the Northrup King Building.


Wheel classes for children

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Instructor: Kathy Mommsen / No Class: 2/7/15
This is a great introductory class for children who want to learn about wheel thrown ceramics. Students will learn to make basic cylinders, bowls, plates and more. Discussions on how to modify, embellish and glaze pots will also be covered. Participation in this class does not include the use of open studio time. Participants will need to purchase clay and firing fees in addition to the class fee. Bring a towel and dress for mess! Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. This class can be repeated; all levels welcome.

Enrollment limited to 15 / Ages 10 - 15.

One Day Majolica Tile Workshops

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tilesFull Day Majolica Tile Workshops with Kathy Mommsen

Learn new glazing techniques gained from a summer of intensive study with majolica master Marino Moretti. Kathy Mommsen will share a slide show of her time studying in Italy and Medieval influences and techniques, then demonstrate glazing techniques and give instruction on brushwork. You will decorate two of your own majolica tiles.